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a community of cyclical beings creating a new paradigm following the rhythms of womb + earth + moon

Sacred Cycles Coven

About Us

The doors of the Sacred Cycles Coven open on September 22nd with the free mini-course Cyclical Awakening starting on the 23rd! 

This is a community of self-identifying women and gender non-conforming folx gathering together for embodied rituals, exploring the cyclical nature of the womb + earth + moon. A Cyclical Embodiment ritual kit will launch every New Moon including menstrual cycle awareness, meditations, embodied practices, tarot/oracle spreads, journal prompts and other goodies based on the theme for that cycle.

Why You Should Join Us

This journey is so much sweeter when traveling together. Practicing cycle awareness and embodiment together with others helps validate our own experiences and lets us know we are not alone. We will gently hold each other through our struggles and jump with joy in our triumphs. 

When you join the Sacred Cycles Coven you will gain a sacred space together with your sisters where the only thing you are ask to do is be yourself!

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